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Flaschensortierung miho Multicon
Flaschensortierung miho Multicon

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The most important factor of our work is the trusting and direct communication with our customers. It is only possible to produce optimum solutions for big and small challenges on a daily basis if this is based upon an open and reliable relationship. This relationship often extends to a third decade and forms the backbone of our optimism. And it also strenghtens our desire to improve.

Direct innovation
Innovation at miho is based upon the direct contact to our customers and the concrete requirements in practice. Bearing this in mind,

our completely new measuring processes have continued to go beyond any existing levels of performance and have determined a new standard of what is technically possible.

Planning for the future
Due to their sophisticated and logical construction aswell as their very high quality and attention to detail, the miho machines are easy to maintain and have a long lifespan. A large servicing network across the globe ensures that competent miho engineers can assist quickly and on site. This is because a trusting relationship is the basis for the future.