Chipped Base Detection miho CBD

Regardless of whether you fill returnable glass containers or one way glass containers, a chipped base cannot only cause reduced line efficiency by bottle bursts and the subsequent cleaning process in the filler, but also the potential of exploding bottles downstream of the filling process and on to the POS. The danger of customer injuries by sharp glass edges and splinters, does not only affect the integrity of your brand, but can also lead to legal action being taken. To significantly reduce all these risks, a separate inspection of the outer base was introduced by miho: the chipped base detection miho CBD

cola boden
glasflasche braun

Key benefits of miho CBD:

  • No blind spot between base and sidewall inspection
  • Not disturbed by differing thickness of the bottom
  • Less bottle bursts in the filler and on the way to POS
  • Safer container and less risk of injuries for customers
  • Retrofit for most miho David 2 possible

The specially designed lighting ring and camera setup provide a sharp picture of the outer bottle base and edges. Whilst x-ray camera systems are affected by varying thicknesses of the bottle base, the miho CBD checks the bottle from underneath. This provides an extended range of inspection, where the standard base inspection normally comes to an end. Furthermore, the resolution of x-ray camera systems is not as good as optical camera systems like the miho cameras can achieve. To illustrate this difference, please view the picture below.


Standard base inspection with transmitted light


miho chipped base detection with ring lighting as reflected light setup

With improvement of inspection of heel chips, the miho CBD also provides advanced inspection for dirt or scuffing in the outer base area; an area that is not being inspected by the sidewall units.

boden grün 1
boden grün 2
glasflasche weiss 1
glasboden weiss 2

Unusually shaped bottles, such as shown above, are no problem for the miho CBD. In the sample diagram above the green area marks the inspection area of the standard base detection. From there to the edges, the miho CBD inspects the bottle.
Consequently, the chipped base detection (miho CBD) closes the gap between classic base inspection and sidewall inspection by leaving no blind spot behind and improving the overall inspection capability of the EBI.

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Please also consult our David Brochure on page 32.

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