miho EC-Cam in a labeler

The miho EC-Cam is now available for integration into labeling machines. No matter who produced the labeler, we are confident that we can fit in our intelligent and versatile label control miho EC-Cam. In our article from last year, you already learned about the working principle and the basic abilities of the new miho EC-Cam. This article is to provide more insight in the integration of our camera based label control into labelers. This system combines flexibility and robustness like none before.


In January 2021, miho installed a label checking system miho EC-Cam in a 45,000 bph labeler from Krones. Below, you can see the integration of the miho EC-cam system in a new labeler from Renner.

Please see the video above
Here you can see the live image of a checked label at the customers’. Here, the logical integrity of the labeling is bring inspected
The label control screen represents the actual line layout, making the operation of the miho system easier and more intuitive ever

This user-friendly customized line-layout based user interface will be implemented as miho standard in the upcoming time. Stay tuned.

For more information, please visit Label control miho EC-Cam, where you can also find our brochure. The visualization of the inspection is done in our new miho Vidios SC.

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