miho Allround update:
End-of-line inspection of non-cylindrical containers.
Check of date-code, printed on the side of the closure.

Dear esteemed international sales partners from miho,

I guess you learned over the years, that our 360° end-of-line inspection miho Allround is limited to containers showing a cylindrical shape. I remember some projects in the past, where we unfortunately had to stand back since the requested performance on the one side, and the non-cylindrical shape of the bottle or the jar could be not brought to overlap in using the Allround with all its power.

tabelle ALLROUND

Thanks to our very successful partner in Taiwan, Mr. John Pan, we found out by testing that shapes of rounded square to a certain extent can be inspected now!
Please note that though we all like to hear good news, each non-cylindrical container needs a thorough testing with real-life samples at miho.

Additionally, we could answer Johns question: can you check the datecode which is printed on the side of the closure? Yes, we can!

flasche neu

Bottle with rounded square shape

Example of a bottle with rounded square shape to be inspected by 360° with miho Allround. Flagging of labels as a critical customer request can be detected. Of course, for cylindrical containers less flagging leads to secure detection.

Bedruckung auf dem Schraubverschluss

Datecode with spelling mistake

The second challenge provided by John covered the check of the datecode when applied directly to the side of the closure.

So far, our additional module for the date code check was limited to
datecodes directly printed on the shoulder or PET-bottles.

Surprisingly, the same setup runs successfully for date-codes printed to the side of the closure

Thank you for reading through our miho newsletter. If you have any questions or you want more information, the miho Inspektionssysteme sales team is happy to assist.

Your miho Team

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