miho Inspektionssysteme:
the right system for every challange

Bottle sorting systems

miho Multicon 4

Bottle sorting system
miho Multicon 4

  • Embossing detection
  • Shape and color dinstinction
  • UV coat detection
miho unicon 4

Bottle sorting system
miho Unicon 4

  • Compact construction
  • Height and width measuring
  • Wide range of applications
miho fz2

Bottle counter
miho FZ 2

  • Cap inspection
  • Hygienic design
  • Robust construction
miho cap2

Cap presence detection
miho CAP 2

  • Cap presence detection
  • After unpacker
  • Prevents disturbances in the further course

Empty bottle inspection

Empty bottle inspector miho David 2

Empty bottle inspector
miho David 2

  • In use over 500 times worldwide
  • Up to 72 000 bottles/hou
  • Hygienic design
miho lc2

Residual liquid inspection
miho LC 2

  • Compact construction
  • Test bottle function
  • Controls reject systems

Filler monitoring

miho fm2

Filler monitor
miho FM 2

  • Filler monitoring
  • Localisation of faulty valve
miho mx

Filling pipe detection
miho MX

  • Pulsed X-ray technology
  • Minimal radiation exposure
  • Optional HSPM control

Fill level and cap control

miho newton optics pro

Fill level control
miho Newton
Optics Pro

  • Inspection of tethered caps
  • Inspection of the rotation of the cap
  • 360° inspection
miho nop3

Fill level control
miho Newton
Optics 3

  • Precision fill level measurement
  • Very solid & low maintenance
  • Date/cap detection
miho newton hf2

Fill level control
miho Newton HF 2

  • Compact construction
  • High frequency technology
  • Easy to operate
miho newton ir2

Fill level controll
miho Newton IR 2

  • Infrared technology
  • Compact construction
  • Any filling product
miho newton x2p

Fill level control
miho Newton X2P

  • Pulsed X-ray technology
  • Low radiation
  • Cap detection possible
miho newton x2z

Fill level control
miho Newton X2Z

  • Line detector
  • Pulsed X-ray technology
  • Low radiation

End-of-line and label-inspection

miho allround

360° end-of-line inspection
miho Allround

  • Optical 360° detection
  • Up to 60 000 containers/h
  • Inspects up to 5 labels
miho ec2

Label control
miho EC 2

  • Up to 12 sensors
  • In or behind the labeller
  • Swing top alignment detection
miho ec-cam

Label control
miho EC-Cam

  • Modern color camera system
  • Presence of best before date

End-of-line inspection
miho TOP-Cam

  • Optical control equipment
  • Inspection of the base when the container is turned upside down

Sealing inspection

miho Feeler 2

Sealing Inspection for PET
miho Feeler

  • Gentle bottle sensor wheel
  • Robust construction
  • Hygienic design

Vacuum control

miho vacu

Vacuum control
miho VacU

  • Vacuum detection viar lid scanning
  • Profile analysis by laser triangulation

Crate & pack inspection

miho gauss e

Empty Crate Inspection
miho Gauss E

  • Controls left over
    bottles and foreign objects
  • Modern 3d measurement
miho gauss f

Full Crate Inspection
miho Gauss F

  • Controls packing completion
  • After the packer
  • Easy format changesl
miho gauss p

Packing Inspection
miho Gauss P

  • Controls packing completion
  • Many container shapes
  • Modern 3d measurement

Reject systems

miho hsp

High speed pusher
miho HSP

  • Pneumatic pusher
  • Up to 100 000 containers/h
  • Including reject monitoring
miho hspm

Multi-reject system
miho HSPM

  • Linear drive
  • Up to 72 000 containers/h
  • Very wide range of containers
miho leonardo m

Linear Reject System
miho Leonardo M

  • Magneto-mechanical
  • Gearless transmission drive
  • Smooth and precise
miho Leonardo SFM

Segment Reject System miho Leonardo SFM

  • Upright rejection on parallel track
  • Elektro-magnetic actuator, no compressed air
  • Compact design
miho cr2

Crate reject system
miho CR 2

  • Electro-pneumatic
  • Safe and reliable
  • Cost-effective

Conveyor control and container transport

miho pascal 2

Conveyor control system
miho Pascal 2

  • High level of precision
  • Smooth gap closure
  • Controlled by encoder
miho conveyance

Container transport system
miho Conveyance

  • Low noise
  • Container friendly
  • Energy efficient

Production data acquisition and
remote maintenance

miho awes

Production data acquisition
miho AWeS

  • Production data logging
  • Comprehensive fault analysis
  • Weihenstephan Standard
miho hotline

Software package for
remote maintenance

  • Exact fault analysis
  • Quick fault reset by an experienced engineer

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