Container transport system
miho Conveyance

Individualy planned and precisely fitting conveyors from the miho modular system:
Mass transport, dynamic accumulator table, pressureless inliner, pressurised inliner, curve overlaps, reject tables. Optionally expandable with drip trays, roofs, cable ducts.
  • Conveyor construction made out of stainless steel
  • Conveyor stands made of 50x50mm stainless steel tubes with adjustable calotte feet (max. conveyor height 1500mm)
  • Depending on the project conveyor chains made out of stainless steel or plastic are possible. Multichain conveyors are made as gapless construction
  • Curve conveyors are made with magnetic chain guides and magnetic conveyor chains
  • Chain sprockets are dividable
  • Bottle railings are made out of 40x8mm full profile stainless steel, with plastic bottle guides depending on the requirements of the project
  • Railing holders made of stainless steel, adjustable where necessary
  • Piping for the conveyor lubrication made of seamless stainless steel pipes, with shut-off tap and nozzles. For the connection to the existing lubrication system
  • Stainless steel wire-basket cable trays, open. Other variations upon request
  • Standard SEW SA47 / 57 drive (other variations upon request)

fries Zeichnungen aller Flaschen die inspeziert werden können
Fries zeichnungen aller Flaschen, die inspeziert werden können

Accessories & modifications

Additional railing separation for inverse or simultaneously running conveyors.

Surcharge, per meter for the usage of a 3 1/3“ table top plastic chain instead of a stainles steel table top chain.

  • Drip trays
  • Conveyor covers
  • Conveyor-inside cleaning
  • Conveyor height of more than 1,80 meter
  • Closed cable tray
  • Divider inside cable tray
  • Plastic conveyor chain

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