Filler monitor miho FM 2

Filler monitor miho FM 2
Inspection device for installation in the filler. Determines whether each individual filling valve of the filler carousel has filled without error.
The filler monitor is best connected to a fill level control and can be retrofitted to almost any filler.

Filler Monitor miho FM 2, stainless steel electronic cabinet, to locate incorrect filling due to defect filling valves of a filling wheel in combination with a fill level inspection system of the miho Newton product range. Automatic sampling of bottles of a complete filler or capper round, also without having chosen a start valve or capper head. An information text shows in this case from which filler valve or capper head the first rejected bottle of the sampling came. This way a later correlation is possible. Valve specific sample rejection, capper head allocation (in combination with a cap inspection system of the miho Newton product range) is equally possible. A pre-configured sampling can be started automatically when the product type is changed.
If available / foreseen in the filler: Control of forced under fill valve and / or bottle shower
• Reject verification
• Integration of the necessary sensors inside the filler

fries Zeichnungen aller Flaschen die inspeziert werden können
Fries zeichnungen aller Flaschen, die inspeziert werden können

Accessoires & modifications

miho nop3

Fill Level Control
miho Newton
Optics 3

  • Precision fill level measurement
  • Very solid & low maintenance
  • Date/cap detection
miho newton hf2

Fill Level Control
miho Newton HF 2

  • Compact construction
  • High frequency technology
  • Easy to operate
miho newton ir2

Fill Level Control
miho Newton IR 2

  • Infrared technology
  • Compact construction
  • Any filling product
miho newton x2p

Fill Level Control
miho Newton X2P

  • Pulsed X-ray technology
  • Low radiation
  • Cap detection possible
miho newton x2z

Fill Level Control
miho Newton X2Z

  • Line detector
  • Pulsed X-ray technology
  • Low radiation

Extension package with additional sensors in case the PET bottles inside the filler are handled at the neck ring.

For the detection and activation of follow-on action after a bottle-breakages in the Filler and systematic rejection of neighbouring bottles which are contaminated with glass splinters. As accessory for the filler monitor miho FM 2, with two additional proximity sensors.

Bursting bottles are detected in the pressurizing zone as well as in the filling zone. Following a detection the existing bottle shower will be activated and the bottles surrounding the fault position are rejected in a freely programmable pattern (reject funnel), also in the following turns.

Additional control system for underfill device incl. floating output contact.

Additional control system for bottle-shower incl. floating output contact.

Very accurate inspection of the filled bottle for lost filling tubes by means of inductive sensor measurement technology.

When a bottle with a filling tube is detected, a floating signal is emitted, which, for example, activates the bottle stopper or a line shutdown through the basic unit.

Detection of Nitrogen injection, if present or oxygen value evaluation rejection, rejection of bottles which did not reach capper in time

To detect the presence of a metal cap (crown cork, screw cap) via an inductive proximity switch. Including height adjustment for different bottle heights.

For detecting the presence of a plastic cap by means of a width measurement of the cap diameter. Suitable for glass bottles and PET bottles. Including height adjustment for different bottle heights.

Additional sensors to record and inspect the presence of natural cork by means of a light sensor. Including height adjustment for different bottle heights.

miho hsp

High speed pusher
miho HSP

  • Pneumatic pusher
  • Up to 100 000 containers/h
  • Including reject monitoring
miho hspm

Multi-reject system
miho HSPM

  • Linear drive
  • Up to 72 000 containers/h
  • Very wide range of containers
miho leonardo m

Linear Reject System
miho Leonardo M

  • Magneto-mechanical
  • Gearless transmission drive
  • Smooth and precise
miho Leonardo SFM

Segment Reject System miho Leonardo SFM

  • Upright rejection on parallel track
  • Elektro-magnetic actuator, no compressed air
  • Compact design

Software package for the production data acquisition software miho AWeS. All production data, counters and test bottle protocol are logged according to the Weihenstephan standard. For all miho systems based on the miho VIDIOS® or miho MASTER® platform.

Software package for the remote visualization of the operating condition, the parameter and the camera images on an authorized computer. Monitoring of e.g. counters and malfunctions. Monitoring and remote control of the inspection machine by a miho service engineer, re-entry and optimization of the inspection parameters, exact and fast analysis of errors.

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