Production data acquisition
miho AWeS

  • Software package miho AWeS for production data acquisition: Logging of all production data, counter readings, test bottle protocols and user access
  • checking and operating the inspection systems
  • new input and optimization of inspection parameters
  • accurate and quick analysis of faults
  • to monitor single or multiple miho machines, such as the empty bottle inspector miho David 2, the inspection of a fully equipped bottle by the miho Allround, the fill level inspection miho Newton Optic 2, …
  • polling the production data in accordance with the Weihenstephan standard, allowing easy integration into a PDAS: either installation into the network on a virtual machine or on a separate PDAS computer from miho
  • export of data in xls format for further processing
  • Buffering of the production data in case the network connection is down
  • Buffering of the production data for up to 7 production days
  • Only in connection with miho machines that have an interface for the production data buffering


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