Segment reject system
miho Leonardo SFM

Our newly developed finger rejector for the upright rejection of all types of cylindrical containers. Miho innovation: the up to 24 segment fingers are not driven pneumatically by compressed air but electromagnetically. This reduces the compressed air consumption in the filling line and thus saves money. In addition, the movement can be controlled more smoothly in both directions, which means less wear.

The Multi-Segment Rejector is an ideal system for upright rejection or sorting of empty containers. Thanks to its 24 rejection segments, which fold in and out quickly, faulty and unsuitable containers can be rejected easily without touching the preceding or following containers. Likewise, distribution of empty and filled containers is possible with this system. Suitable for serial installations, i.e. several rejection systems are arranged one after the other in order to be able to guide containers into several channels.

fries Zeichnungen aller Flaschen die inspeziert werden können
Fries zeichnungen aller Flaschen, die inspeziert werden können

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