About us

miho is a global, medium-sized company and has been one of the leading providers of inspection technology in the beverage filling industry and return logistics for over 45 years thanks to a series of pioneering innovations: the first sidewall inspection unit with phototransistors, 90° bottle-rotation, the continuous use of maintenance-friendly LEDs – all groundbreaking innovations from miho!

The key framework of our work is the trustworthy and direct communication with our customers. Devoting all our energy to develop optimal solutions every day for both big and small challenges is only possible on the basis of an open and reliable cooperation. This has already continued for the last 45 years and forms the backbone of our optimism. And with all our efforts we want to become even better.

michael horst
  • 1977     Founded by Dipl. Ing. Michael Horst
  • 1977     Development of the HF residual liquid inspection unit
  • 1980     Sidewall inspection using phototransistors
  • 1983     Fill level inspection unit via HF measurement technology
  • 1983     New company member Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Garbe, Technical Director
  • 1988     Sidewall inspection via CCD camera
  • 1992     Dual sidewall inspection with 90° coverage
  • 1994     Development of the empty bottle inspector miho David
  • 1997     Founding of miho China
  • 2000     Development of the conveyor control system miho Pascal
  • 2006     Founding of miho Nigeria
  • 2008     Development of the empty bottle inspector miho David 2
  • 2014     Development of the 360° fully equipped bottle inspection unit miho Allround
  • 2014     New company member Dr.-Ing. Markus Grumann, Managing Director
  • 2015     Development of the David 2 system upgrades OpAL, FSI, RFID
  • 2016     David 2 system upgrades, especially for PET bottles
  • 2017     David 2 outer seam edge inspection, clapper inspection
mího haus
  • 2017     Launch of the miho Gauss family – empty crate inspection, packing inspection unit, full crate inspection unit
  • 2018     Product launch of miho EC-CAM as a camera-based label inspection system based on VIDIOS_SC.
  • 2019     David 2 system expansion Chipped Base Detection (CBD) to detect external base chipping
  • 2020     Newton Optics 3 comes into use, with many additional functions, such as non-roll-on inspection for closures.
    Despite Corona a successful year for miho – only we miss the direct exchange with our customers.
  • 2022     The miho TOP-Cam optical control equipment is developed.
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