International Sales Partner Training 2024

Innovation: finger rejector Leonardo SFM

Artifical Intelligence: Improved Inspection technologies and some myth busting

Dear Partners,

we need to re-schedule the ISPT 2024!

A glimpse at the agenda

  • Arrival and welcome Dinner

  • miho Deep Dive, in depth experience of our machines
  • miho live brewery visit: The new reject system miho SFM and other systems in a production line
  • miho Artificial Intelligence, miho involved in innovation
  • Evening entertainment: Kassel has more to offer than tram lines, be surprised!
  • Succes stories from partners and projects around the world
  • Communication and social media: Working together for the customers across the globe!
  • Evening: Farewell Dinner
  • Individual meetings and departures

Please contact the Hotel Excelsior quoting „miho ISPT“. We have blocked rooms under special conditions till 06.04.24 for this event.

Hotel Excelsior
Erzbergerstraße 2
34117 Kassel

We have arranged all transfers in Kassel for you during the ISPT, from the hotel to miho and back.

We are proud to introduce our latest invention: the finger rejector miho Leonardo SFM 

So far, there has been a gap in our rejector portfolio.  
On the other side and most sophisticated, there are the segment rejectors miho Leonardo M with all their great features like rejection without falling even for the fanciest container designs. 
The miho Leonardo SFM comes up with a compact design and rejection without falling for cylindrical containers. One feature to differentiate us from our competitors: NO pressured air needed! The miho Leonardo SFM simply requires a one-phase line to run all the electromagnets.  

Click here for more details!

We will present the miho Leonardo SFM in action at the ISPT 24. 

Artificial Intelligence:

Everyone talks about Artificial Intelligence (AI) as the future solution for everything.
We are not standing on the sideline here! Besides continuing with the “normal” inspection systems, miho is deeply involved in development projects which will bring inspection technology forward using AI

Our first system using Deep Learning, a specific variant of AI, the Newton Optics Pro was revealed at the Brau Beviale 2023 to inspect the newly introduced “Tethered caps” that will be mandatory on PET bottles in the EU from 2024 onwards.  

Our development engineers will be happy to present the Newton Optics Pro at the ISPT 24. 
Also, we will be able to answer questions and myth you may have encountered from customers or competitors alike, for example: 
Can’t AI do the whole inspection by just passing a few sample bottles? 
Is AI the same as Machine Learning or Deep Learning?  
Why is “AI inside” or “AI based” a description too general to choose between two inspection systems? 

If you have any questions or want more information, the miho Inspektionssysteme sales team is happy to assist. 

Your miho Team

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