Fill level and cap control
miho Newton Optics Pro

From 3rd July 2024 onwards, bottlers of disposable beverage containers in the EU must use closures known as tethered caps, which are “permanently and non-removably” attached to the container. There are a variety of different tethered cap designs: symmetrical, asymmetrical, with lasso, with hinge,…
The possible damage to the cap requires new ways of optical inspection: with up to 9 cameras, a variety of lighting options and its 360° view and unwinding algorithm, the miho Newton Optics Pro offers a flexible inspection kit for every type of cap on the bottle.
  • Closure: Checking the closure for exact fit (slanted fit / screw depth) and sleep caps. Check for damage to the safety ring on metal and plastic screw caps.
  • Non-roll-on check for metal screw caps with a circumferential defect of > 90°.
  • MHD, lot no. (on the side of the closure): Check for the presence of a BBD on the side of the closure. For this purpose, the MHD must be on the side facing the camera.
  • Presence of a nitrogen mist directly after the filler and capper.
  • Filling level: Check the filling level for under- and overfilling of transparent, cloudy/opaque, and foaming liquids, provided the fill level is not covered by a label. Illumination by direct light and/or transmitted light with optical method.
  • Up to eight images per bottle can be created and evaluated according to various criteria via the miho VIDIOS® image processing system.
  • Serial defect detection is implemented.
  • Not suitable for opaque containers and for bottles with labels in the fill height range.
fries Zeichnungen aller Flaschen die inspeziert werden können
Fries zeichnungen aller Flaschen, die inspeziert werden können

Accessories & modifications

miho hsp

High speed pusher
miho HSP

  • Pneumatic pusher
  • Up to 100 000 containers/h
  • Including reject monitoring
miho hspm

Multi-reject system
miho HSPM

  • Linear drive
  • Up to 72 000 containers/h
  • Very wide range of containers
miho leonardo m

Linear Reject System
miho Leonardo M

  • Magneto-mechanical
  • Gearless transmission drive
  • Smooth and precise
miho Leonardo SFM

Segment Reject System miho Leonardo SFM

  • Upright rejection on parallel track
  • Elektro-magnetic actuator, no compressed air
  • Compact design

Software package for the production data acquisition software miho AWeS. All production data, counters and test bottle protocol are logged according to the Weihenstephan standard. For all miho systems based on the miho VIDIOS® or miho MASTER® platform.

Software package for the remote visualization of the operating condition, the parameter and the camera images on an authorized computer. Monitoring of e.g. counters and malfunctions. Monitoring and remote control of the inspection machine by a miho service engineer, re-entry and optimization of the inspection parameters, exact and fast analysis of errors..

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